How We Work

A brand is a living expression of who you are. At Sujet we start with your Brand Narrative when defining your Brand Strategy. It's unique about us, and it is what helps us to get to your brand truth. We then build this out with you using customer centric design methods to ensure all your communications are aligned to your truth and so that the user journey is optimal to achieve goals.   


The Brand Meta Narrative

Your Meta Narrative comprises two elements: Brand Strategy + Brand Narrative.

It is the combination of these two elements that make what we do powerful. We then work with you not just to share a style guide or a vision, but to share your story and your passion with all those who communicate your brand to others.

  • brand narrative creation
  • brand strategy and modelling
  • language
  • identity 
  • photographic style
  • iconography
  • multi-channel palette
  • interactive conventions
  • brand community education

Brand Research

We start with reflecting what you can't see. With this insight we are well placed to ensure the user journeys we design with you are user-centered.

  • competitive reviews
  • market perception analysis
  • cultural, technical and market trends
  • generative research
  • benchmarking studies


And as we work we test and refine based on the mirror we hold up to your customers:

  • brand KSI definition
  • benchmarking studies
  • brand performance measurement
  • reporting 
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User Centred Design 

Your brand is now in the hands of so many more people: product managers, UX teams, customer service and even finance. How do you know your brand is being authentically represented through experiences that reflect user need? 

  • user need definition
  • agile processes
  • persona definition
  • protoyping and testing
  • design development
  • social and paid content
  • video production
  • advertising
  • printed materials
  • graphic design
  • service design
  • events